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Laundry Basket with Lid GARUT made from Water Hyacinth (3 sizes)

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• 30 (S), 40 (M) or 50 (L) cm diameter, 30 (S), 40 (M) or 50 (L) cm tall
• made of sturdy, sustainable water hyacinth, reinforced with a metal frame
• with a practical lid, it is perfect as a laundry basket
• plastic-free packaging
• 100% handmade and fair trade
• free shipping and 10% off for all orders in our shop above €350

Our Garut basket made of monochrome water hyacinth impresses with its clear lines in a modern octagonal design and comes with a matching lid that is practically equipped with a handle for opening.

It fulfills two purposes in your home iby being both both practical and decorative. Whether for collecting laundry or creating order – in three available sizes it fits into all living areas!


Measurements & weight:

(Height x Diameter)
S: 30x30 cm; 1,30 kg
M: 40x40 cm; 1,90 kg
L: 50x50 cm; 3,10 kg

Our products are artfully crafted individual pieces. They may vary slightly in size, color and shape due to the production by hand and natural variations in materials.


Main material: Water Hyacinth

Our baskets are made from plant fibers. They therefore wonderfully smell and feel like nature.

The water hyacinth is a tropical aquatic plant found on rivers and seen. They were actually brought up from South America, but also from Southeast Asia. There it gilds as a weed, as it multiplies incredibly quickly and can cover whole bodies of water with a carpet. The right lack of light and contact is killing all underwater life that belongs to the plants that are needed. In order for the plants to then be processed for further processing, the leaves will be lost and the thick stems will be gotten in the sun for three to seven days. The result is an abundance of possible, leading raw material for many woven goods here at Soeji!

Other materials: Metal Frame


Production site:

This basket is made in Java, Indonesia.
When choosing our possible on-site locations, we value fair pay and good working conditions. In the factories from which we own our goods, work full and working artisans. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Since all work steps are done by hand, hardly any greenhouse gas emissions are dealt with by the production process. We ensure all stumps through continuous absence on site and permanent contact with the companies.